The name of Ochyra comes from an ancient Altai family of my ancestors - "Ochy".

Ochyra is the name of the Altai goddess of land and fertility. It is described in an ancient epic "Ochy Bala".

         I have tried diverse arts, design and video arts and finally followed my heart and devoted myself to what I love the most – painting and experimenting with paints, colors and images. This is what gives me the true inspiration and fills me up with energy and joy, as I’ve been a synesthet since childhood which means that I perceive letters, numbers and sounds each possessing its own color.


         Intuitive painting assumes a painting not to be designed deliberately but to be born naturally like flowers or trees and freely of any expectations, when the process of creation itself is the core.


         Intuitive painting is an improvisation, a journey the destination of which is never known. It is the most intimate contact with the Universe and the Creator, the genuine live art without trying to prove or achieve anything and to pretend. It’s kind of a performance in private with yourself or the audience, when you’re painting your own being in the present moment, a meditation.

         I use these very principles of being natural and genuine in my dances and, if possible, in my life. I practice conscious movement and contact improvisation, both on the floor and in the water.


        Nature is the main source where I take inspiration and perception of the world, as it unites the initial

principles of harmony and the interaction between elements. I enjoy painting landscapes and flowers from real life. Watching the natural phenomena and forms provides me with the answers to many questions, both of philosophy and aesthetics. To me, perceiving beauty means more than depicting it, and sometimes I even get that enchanted by some natural view that I feel the desire to put my brushes aside and just watch it continuously. I paint to keep that up-to-the-minute emotion, the impression. Basing on more that twenty years of experience in arts, dancing, conscious movement and personal development, I fill my style of painting and teaching with a profound interaction of body, mind, soul and spirit.

Below are some of the milestones of my professional way:

   • Graduation with honors from the Painting department of the Novosibirsk Institute of Arts in 1996 (specialization: portrait).

   • Teaching arts at a private school and then at the Department of Drawing at the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University.

   • I have developed myself in painting portraits and in other various design works.

   • Lately, I have preferred working in the style of intuitive painting and conducting trainings on it. I enjoy creating vivid original paintings filled with beautiful images and symbols of profound meaning. These energetic canvases can serve as talismans for inspiration, in meditations, healing, the inner search of the answers to the soul’s questions, and for the achievement of harmony.

   • A member of International Federation of Artists at UNESCO and Created Artist’s Union of Russia. Personal page

   • Obtaining a certificate in Neurographics.

   • Obtaining a certificate in Thetahealing® Advanced DNA (2018).

   • Acting and directing at the playback theatre “Awakening” in 2010-2012.

   • Participation in group art exhibitions and organization of solo exhibitions.

• Author’s works are included into private collections in Russia, China, the USA, Ucraine and Estonia.

© Марианна Очира | Marianna Ochyra 

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