Marianna Ochira


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Welcome! My name is Marianna Ochyra

I do energy paintings. I teach intuitive painting and create unique things with prints.
I'm a professional artist, member of Created Artist’s Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists at UNESCO

I sincerely believe that creativity makes us human. It is available to everyone and as natural as breathing... INHALE-EXHALE, inspiration and creation.

Intuitive painting makes creativity sincere and deeply personal conversation with the Universe, the Creator, the inner child.  It opens the corridor to an endless stream of inspiration, trust, love, discoveries and joy!

I invite you to take a chance, let go and plunge into the magical source of fresh impressions and ideas! With me.

© Марианна Очира | Marianna Ochyra 

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Tel., WhatsApp +7 913 206 9610